About #OURNY

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“This Is Our New York” (#OurNY) will build upon NYIC’s 30-year track record and experience as a vehicle for collective action to fight back against threats to immigrant communities through the following means:


Ensuring that our communities understand their rights, are equipped to combat hate, and can continue to access critical health and educational services will be essential. The NYIC will equip our members with the tools they need to respond to communities’ concerns, and bring together stakeholders to protect our communities’ livelihoods.

  • Outreach & Community Education – The NYIC and our members will create and distribute community toolkits, create a major media campaign, and perform intensive community outreach.

  • Combat Hate Crimes & Intimidation – The NYIC and our members are committed to leading a powerful response to hate crimes and will develop a tracking system for hate crimes, engage in community outreach and education, and work closely with law enforcement to ensure they enforce protections for immigrants across the state.

  • Support Immigrant-serving Nonprofits – We believe in the strength of our members and are committed to building their capacity during this tumultuous time. To do so, we will build systems to better utilize volunteers to provide legal and other services, enhance data security for immigrant serving organizations, and strengthen the landscape of immigrant-serving organizations.


With fears of an end to the DACA program and a substantial increase in immigration enforcement and deportations, the NYIC is ensuring that communities are able to access immigration legal screenings, removal defense services, and naturalization assistance.

  • Legal Services – We will engage legal permanent residents to achieve citizenship, provide more staff capacity to legal service providers, and cultivate pro bono volunteers and innovative strategies to help more immigrants with limited resources.

  • Ensure Access to Health Care and Coverage - The NYIC and our members will fight to ensure that New York continues its long standing practice of facilitating immigrants’ access to high-quality health services, continue the movement to expand health coverage to more New Yorkers, and ensure that all immigrants understand their right to access the health care they need.

  • Safeguard Student Learning - We will underscore all children’s right to attend school and urge education officials to: protect students, families and staff from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE); prevent bullying and support students; and give schools access to reliable federal immigration policy information to answer parent questions.


We are here to stay, and we won’t stop protesting, organizing, and advocating until Donald Trump and his administration extend opportunity, equality, and justice to our immigrant communities. We will fight threats to end DACA, threats of mass deportation, threats of border walls, and threats to ban refugees and register Muslims. We will fight for all to be welcome, for the rights of all immigrants, for communities that are strong because of their diversity.

  • Advocacy & Organizing – The NYIC has an impressive 30-year record of advocating for immigrant rights. In response to the incoming administration, we will work with our members to hold large-scale actions, build a base of immigrants and allies across the state, and fight to protect DACA, welcome refugees, and push back against deportations.

  • Enlisting Allies in Support - We will have open conversations with a wide breadth of New Yorkers, learn from our neighbors, and build trust that leads towards a collective vision for New York's future. In order to do so effectively, we need to develop strong messages that resonate with communities outside of our base, and build relationships with people across the board who understand that immigrants are integrate to our future.